12 Types of Pasta We All Love

It’s possible that pasta is the most widely consumed carbohydrate in all of cuisine. It’s great on its own with some olive oil and fresh herbs, or you can add some protein by serving it with a rich tomato sauce. Add to salads, casseroles, or soups for a filling main course.


Pasta comes in a dizzying array of forms and styles, giving cooks the freedom to experiment with anything from thin spaghetti to thicker egg noodles.


Most Italians want their pasta al dente, which literally means “to the bite,” meaning it is still hard yet soft. Spaghetti that is cooked to a firmer consistency, or al dente, has a lower glycemic index than softer pasta, says the American Diabetes Association.






There are twelve types of pasta that everyone loves.






Angel Hair I. Definition


very thin and fragile threads. Used mostly in soups and with mild sauces.






Bucatini, No. 2


are a kind of thick spaghetti-like pasta characterized by a central hole. Buttery sauces, pancetta/guanciale, vegetables/cheese/eggs, and anchovies/sardines are ideal pairings.






Thirdly, fettuccine


Egg noodles that are long and thin, often around 1/4 inch in width. Best for tossing with sauce like carbonara, Alfredo cream, with cheese, pork, or shellfish.






  1. Fusilli


Brief, substantial, spiralized pasta. Best for tossing with sauce or creating a cold pasta salad






  1. Gnocchi


dumplings that are round and mushy, often cooked with potatoes. Pasta is ideal for combining with meat and cheese in a tomato, cream, or pesto sauce.






Veggie Lasagna Noodles


Noodles that are long, broad, and thin. The ideal ingredients for layering into lasagnas include meat, veggies, cream, and cheese.






Linguine, No. 7


a long, thin noodle, often little wider than 1/8″. When paired with fish, mix with a tomato, pesto, or olive oil based sauce.






Macaroni, No. 8


Brief, C-shaped tubes. It’s ideal for casseroles, salads, soups, and mac & cheese.






9 Pappardelle


huge, humongous, and very wide and thin noodles. Pappardelle’s substantial surface area and gritty texture make it a great partner for heartier sauces and ragus, especially those including fish or meat.






Penne Rigate, No. 10


short cylinders that may range in length from 2″ to 4″ and come in either white or a tricolor design. Best for tossing with sauce in chunky tomato, beef, cream, or veggies








  1. Shells


tiny shell form with an open cavity that catches sauce, spice, and meat. Best for baked foods, salads, macaroni and cheese








  1. Spaghetti


Long, thin, spherical threads that may be either white or wheat in color. Best for tossing with sauce like carbonara, tomato, pesto, with meat or shellfish.



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